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eInstruction -- Real Time Assessment in Instruction using Instructional Technology
Jackson Software -- Providing Effective Customer (Parents & Students) using an Instructional Website and Online Grading Reports
Media Spark (GoVenture) -- Experiencing Business through a Business Plan Project and Entrepreneur Computer Simulation
Conferences Presentations
Data Management with Filemaker Pro -- Automate Grading Rubrics with Filemaker Pro Updated on 10/24/03

Providing your "Customers" Better Service Using Technology Updated 6/17/02
Students, parents and the community are our customers in education. Reach out to them and provide timely information about your classes over the Internet. Information will be presented about how to design a Website for easy navigation. Find out what items should be on a class Website and what shouldn't. Various free Internet hosting sites for teachers will be shown. Several tools will be used to accomplish better customer communication including Grade Quick for posting of student grade reports on a secure web site.

Jackson Software makers of GradeQuick and Edline.

  Handout -- Customer Service.PDF Full Presentation -- Customer Service PPT

Build a Businesswith Microsoft Office and GoVenture Computer Simulation.
Student teams create a business plan in computer applications using Microsoft Office applications. This project provides hands-on experience in applying skills learned with Microsoft Office applications. It exposes your students to other areas of the business curriculum and helps recruit students for future business classes. This class gives students the HOW to use the Microsoft Office Tools and the WHY to use these tools for success in the business world. The project is completed with a computer simulation:

GoVenture: Live the Life of the Entreprenuer by MediaSpark.

GoVenture "Hooks" High School Students Case Study

  Handout -- Build a Business.PDF Full Presentation --Build a Business PPT

You can be Video Producer and Cartoon Creator with Desktop Video, Adobe Digital Video and 3D Choreographer.
Learn about the desktop video and how to produce your own video. This session will explore the basic concepts of desktop video and how you can use it in your classroom. Learn to use the tools and create instructional material for your students. Description of basic equipment and software will be covered along with storyboarding and scriptwriting. Use the information to develop student created videos or for instructor created videos.

The second part of this session focuses on learning how to combine animation with real time video using blue screen technology and 3D Choreographer. Students can create animated characters and interact with these characters on the television using this revolutionary program. You don't have to be an artist or Hollywood producer to create eye-catching and effective animations with 3Dchoreographer.

  Handout -- Video Producer PDF Full Presentation -- Video Producer PPT